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Date 2015-05-22.20:30:40
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I'm copying/pasting my latest commit message on this issue here:

"""Add a note about deprecating old inspect APIs to whatsnew.

Also, deprecate formatargspec, formatargvalues, and getargvalues
functions.  Since we are deprecating 'getfullargspec' function in
3.5 (documentation only, no DeprecationWarning), it makes sense
to also deprecate functions designed to be directly used with it.

In 3.6 we will remove 'getargsspec' function (was deprecated since
Python 3.0), and start raising DeprecationWarnings in other
'getarg*' family of functions.  We can remove them in 3.7 or later.

Also, it is worth noting, that Signature API does not provide 100%
of functionality that deprecated APIs have.  It is important to do
a soft deprecation of outdated APIs in 3.5 to gather users feedback,
and improve Signature object."""
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