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Ronald, the change to set the SOABI was pushed several weeks ago (but, because I left out a #, the commit message did not also show up here as I intended):

New changeset 32c24eec035f by Ned Deily in branch 'default':
Issues #22980, 23969: For OS X, use PEP 3149-style file names for extension

As noted in the commit message, the names are now of the form:

As was extensively discussed in Issue22980, I chose to not try to add hardware architecture and deployment target to the file name as I think pip and friends are already managing this correctly (msg241254).  We could change the name from -darwin to -macosx if you feel strongly about it but, if so, we should do that now, before beta1.  I don't feel too strongly about it (e.g. "-darwin" vs "-macosx") but I would rather not re-open the discussion at this point if possible.  Also, given the discussion there, I'd rather not attempt to change the extension from .so to something else; I think that is more likely to be disruptive to the external packaging ecosphere.  So unless you *really* want it changed, I intend to let things stand for 3.5 as implemented in 32c24eec035f.
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