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> If there is no interest in having a (community-supported, semi-
> official) GCC-built Python on Windows, I'm sure something else
> can also be worked out, which would include stripping the current
> dinosaur -mno-cygwin code which is what this bug was originally
> all about.

The issue is about building Python *extensions* with gcc, not about building Python itself - that's not a supported approach at all (MSYS2 does it, but the patches used aren't going to be integrated in core Python).

The problem is that the people who build those extensions (which is not me, nor is it anyone on the core Python team) have never settled on a single version of the mingw toolchain as "what they want the distutils to support". So each bug report or patch is needs different "how to install mingw" instructions to be followed before a core developer can work on it.

I'm suggesting that the people raising distutils bugs about mingw support get together and agree on a common toolchain that they'll use as a basis for any future bugs/patches.
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