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Date 2015-05-18.14:04:27
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On 18.05.2015 15:46, Stefan Krah wrote:
> Stefan Krah added the comment:
> The problem with this macro is that most of the time it takes the
> standard cmp return value {-1,0,1} and converts that into a bool.
> For this use case, it might be more appropriate to use a
> static inline function Py_cmp_to_bool().
> To put it differently, the macro mostly does not perform the
> actual rich comparison but just post-processes the result.
> I don't like the dual use of converting cmp() return values
> and performing actual comparisons on integers, so -1 on
> the concept.

I don't follow you. The macro performs a similar task as
that of e.g. Py_RETURN_TRUE/Py_RETURN_FALSE/etc. that is
to reduce boilerplate code and in this particular case
also to remove potential sources of bugs in both the Python
interpreter itself and C extensions written for it.
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