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Matthias, Did you wish to mark this issue for additional Documentation and as a behavior change request (warning of signature change until 3.6) in addition to Devguide?

I've summarized below some info from researching Matthias' original message. I see three questions to answer:
a) Should `ast` shim the old signature and raise a warning until 3.6?
b) What additional items should be added to Documentation or Porting Guide?
c) What items should be added to Devguide?

Implementation of PEP 448 (Additional Unpacking Generalizations) changed the ast.Call/_ast.Call signature by removing two arguments (args, kwargs).

Testing errors are seen in existing code that does not take into account the signature change.['1'][1]

Matthias' possible workaround for existing projects to check for version 3.5 or higher and adapt to two less arguments.['2'][2]

**Devguide addition**
Thomas Kluyver's supplementary information about AST use.['3'][3] Perhaps mention this in the AST section of the devguide. I recognize that typically the devguide does not reference external docs but this seems like it would be useful to future developers.

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