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Author paul.moore
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Date 2015-05-15.08:21:59
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Just as a note - to test a pure Pthon patch like this, you can apply the patch to your installed Python 3.4 installation, and just run the test using that. There should be no need to build your own Python.

>python C:\Apps\Python34\Lib\test\
test_cancel (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
test_cancelled (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
test_done (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
test_done_callback_already_cancelled (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
test_done_callback_already_failed (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
test_done_callback_already_successful (__main__.FutureTests) ... ok
[... etc]
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