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Date 2015-05-14.23:19:57
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@doko, are you referring to the results of {sysconfig,distutils.util}.get_platform()? What effect would this have on third-party packages that currently support multiple versions of Python?

Also, if get_platform() is meant, I don't understand the comment "Darwin uses this too, but chooses to only encode the <os>".  On OS X for get_platform(), we provide a string of the form:


where ABI is derived from the minimum OS X level deployment target

and UNIVERSAL_CPU_ARCHS is a name that identifies the set of CPU architectures included in the fat binaries for this build. 

Common examples:
   macosx-10.5-fat -> runs on 10.5 or later systems with Intel-32 or PPC-32 support

   macosx-10.6-intel -> runs on 10.6 or later systems with Intel-32 (i386) or Intel-64 (x86_64) support

   macosx-10.10-x86_64 -> runs on 10.10 or later with only Intel-64 support
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