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Date 2015-05-14.22:18:20
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Steve, I'd like to align the platform tag across platforms to "something" uniform.  For POSIX systems we currently use the form <base cpu>-<os>-<abi>.  This is derived from the autoconf host definition. Currently the windows builds use "win32", "win_ia64", "win_arm", "win_amd64". Would you consider (in descending priority):

 - to replace the _ with a -. The autoconf host definition use
   the dash as a separator, while the _ is used inside the
   single fields.
 - to change the order to <base cpu>-<os>
 - to use the cpu names i386, x86_64, ia64 and arm (and maybe
   for the future aarch64).

It maybe doesn't make sense to change these where these tags exist in released versions, but it would be nice to have some common scheme used for the major platforms.

Note that Darwin uses this too, but chooses to only encode the <os>.

Also it would be nice to see the ABITAGS used for windows as well.
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