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Just for the record, I've presented a "CPython Internationalization proposal" for this year Google Summer of Code program:

Indeed, that was my third attempt to move it forward (you can look there for the implications, schedule, etc.)

Anyway, it didn't get accepted (and I have no more feedback from GSoC than that), so I will not be able to focus on this and finish it in 3 months as planned, but I'll do my best.

Currently I'm cloning the CPython repository under my GitHub account to work on it (as I would have done if the GSoC project was approved):

It was exported using hg-git so it can be easily updated or get collaborations back with mercurial, just using GitHub to publish it.

BTW, the PEP was hanging around since 2010 (see the attached file in 2012 for example), now I uploaded it in GitHub so it can be collaboratively edited:

I will re-organize / re-base the patch and update the PEP ASAP.

PS: Yes, it seems that "the days when all programmers must learn English" are fading away, Visual Basic 5 was internationalized around 20 years ago (indeed, I learned VB as one of my first "real" languages as it had completely Spanish translations for errors and online built-in F1 help, in a CDROM those days). The first "logo" programming language my father brought to may home around 30 years ago, also was in Spanish IIRC (for a Spectrum TK90). Even gcc and bash are internationalized nowadays :-)
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