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Date 2015-04-27.19:55:47
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> if you use them, your code won't work with long time
> supported CPython versions like 3.4 for the next decade or so.

This would be a generic argument against any new feature.  I don't think it is very compelling in this case.  For people who develop on a latest version. these constants will pop up in sys.<tab> autocompletion and they will likely use them.  If they need to support pre-3.5 versions,

    from sys import exit, EXIT_FAILURE
except ImportError:
    from sys import exit

is not a hard work-around.

You would say, why not just use EXIT_FAILURE = 1 to begin with?  To avoid Bob using EXIT_FAILURE = -1, Alice using EX_FAIL = 1 and Karl
giving up and using exit(1) in perpetuity.
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