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Date 2015-04-27.17:43:20
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We didn't do this originally because the 3.4 SSL module didn't have this functionality (or maybe it was 3.3 that didn't have this) but now that we do have it I'd be very happy if you could implement this!

I'm not sure what the right interface is, probably coroutine methods on StreamReader and StreamWriter that take an SSLContext object (and from then on the reader/writer is using SSL), but there also would have to be a lower-level way to do the same thing to a Transport. This would probably have to return a new Transport that uses the original, wrapped transport for reading/writing.

You probably should write a small test app that proves this works for real too. Perhaps start with a synchronous test app that uses the existing wrap_socket() and then work on the async interface until you can reproduce the same thing there.

Let us know if you need more information.
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