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Date 2015-04-27.13:08:22
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After considering this for a while, I think:

return float(self.numerator / self.denominator)

is the best solution:

* it is simple and works reasonably well as a default

* it fixes Rational.__float__ for cases, in which numerator / denominator returns a custom Real instance

* in the problematic scenario brought up by Mark, in which truediv of the numerator and denominator returns another Rational creating a potentially infinite recursion, a RuntimeError will be raised when the maximum recursion limit is reached. This is not an unheard of error to run into while trying to implement a custom numeric type and will provide reasonable (though not ideal) information about the problem.

* the workaround for the above is obvious: it is ok for self.numerator / self.denominator to return a Rational instance, but its type should overwrite Rational.__float__ to break the recursion. This could get documented in the docstring of Rational.__float__.

I've attached a tentative patch.
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