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Date 2015-04-24.16:45:30
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Content reads from three files namely,, and It reads the py files directly as text files. This patch copies these files to linecache_fodder, linecache_fodder2, and linecache_mapping_fodder respectively, and updates accordingly.

The reason I do this is so that the these files are not compiled. This is desirable for me because I use linecache2 on python 2.7. Python 2.7 can not compile nor is it necessary as this file is only used as a text file never as an object file in the tests.

This issue came up for me when I attempted to make an RPM out of linecache2. rpmbuild compiles all py files in the rpm and fails when it tries to compile If these files have the .py removed from the test files then they will not be compiled which fixes my issue. Nor do they need to be compiled to successfully run the tests.
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