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Date 2015-04-24.12:41:23
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Andre Lemburg,

We don't need any modify, A844 is in GBK but not in GB2312, so no need to add it into GB2312.

Your logic is right, it's hard to judge which one is wrong.
But U+30FB (· KATAKANA MIDDLE DOT) and U+2015 (— HORIZONTAL BAR) have no reason among these Chinese common punctuation symbol.
、	。	・	ˉ	ˇ	¨	〃	々	―	~	‖	…	‘	’“	”	〔	〕	〈	〉	《	》	

If they are U+00B7 (· MIDDLE DOT) and  U+2014 (— EM DASH), this section looks more reasonable.

GB2312 was published in early 1980s, it seems there was a historical accident.
Luckily, most programming languages are on the same side.
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