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Date 2015-04-24.00:00:03
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Here's a new version of Georg's patch which applies to the current default branch. On my OSX 10.8, CPython compiles fine and all tests pass, though test_devpoll and test_epoll were skipped.

I haven't made additional changes, so there is still AC-related work to be done here. For example, there are legacy converters used throughout the code, which should be replaced.

Changes I had to make to get this working:

Updated the class declarations in selectmodule.c with the additional parameters.

The doc-string for signal.sigwaitinfo was changed since Georg made his patch, and its first line was now too long. I shortened the first line from:

Wait synchronously for a signal until one of the signals in *sigset* is delivered.


Wait synchronously until one of the signals in *sigset* is delivered.

Converted the new sys.is_finalizing function.

Reverted the signal.set_wakeup_fd function, since it has since been changed, and now depending on #ifdef MS_WINDOWS it interprets the argument as either 'O' or 'i'. I'm not sure what to do with this one, so I reverted it back to not use AC for now.

I haven't converted the new signal.default_int_handler function, since it seems to accept any number of arguments, and ignores them. Is there a way to do this with AC?

Moved the definitions of object structs and PyTypeObject types to the top of selectmodule.c, so that they are defined when Modules/clinic/selectmodule.c.h is imported.
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