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Date 2015-04-23.04:47:09
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Objects/ is broken, and make stop on cygwin-1.7.35-i686.

If built-in python is not found in make processing, Objects/ generating will fail.
Because Objects/ is generated using $(PYTHON) in Makefile, but  $(PYTHON) variable is a hard-coding value that isn't check a built-in python existent.

make steps to fail and error message:
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/py34
$ touch Include/typeslots.h
$ make
python.exe ./Objects/ < ./Include/typeslots.h > Objects/
/bin/sh: python.exe: command not found
Makefile:851: recipe for target 'Objects/' failed
make: *** [Objects/] Error 127

Cygwin python executable files:
$ find /usr/bin/ -name 'python*.exe'
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