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The tkinter docs need to be expanded, but that is a different issue.

The complete tcl/tk version is displayed in Idle -> Help -> About Idle using "'info', 'patchlevel')".  Pending a reason not to, I would be in favor of adding this full info as a tkinter attribute (.version ?, .patch_level ?) in addition to the current .TclVersion and .TkVersion attributes (which are now always the same, though once probably not).  This would be a new tracker issue.  

Adding the tcl/tk version included with the windows installer to the download web page seems reasonable to me.  This would be a third issue, involving revision of PEP 101 on making releases.  The first change would be the RM (Release Manager) getting the info from the WE (Windows Expert).  This would go somewhere under "The WE then generates Windows installer files". Then somewhere under "Now it's time [for the RM] to twiddle the web site." would be something about inserting the tcl/tk version is a revised template page, or whatever.  I leave it to you to look as the site for the specific page to revise and how, and to read this section of the PEP.  Proposed PEP changes are usually sent to PEP editors.  If you want to pursue this, you might first email Barry to see what he would prefer.
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