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Yes, the releases specify the TclTK they should be used with, for OSX:

If there's another bug report list let me know, but this still seems to be the right place. Since's windows distribution is what led to this question, I'd like to at least see it documented somewhere what TclTk is compiled into the windows distribution. I didn't find any info on what TclTk's Windows build includes, and that's something that can be rectified here. (Since there are documented *recommendations* for what to use with the OSX builds from this site then there ought to be some similar documentation what is *built in* to the Windows builds from this site.)

As for the failure of TclTk to properly document the change they made to their colors, that's a matter for their bug tracker. I took their documentation at face value, and didn't find information to the contrary when I searched prior to posting this.
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