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Date 2015-04-17.14:16:06
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On 17.04.2015 16:04, Steve Dower wrote:
> Yeah, the basic functionality is no different, since there isn't really a better way to handle future versions of VS automatically. I'd rather not officially expose this stuff though.
> Maybe you could override the compiler creation code and return an alternative implementation? That will be most portable.

I just had a look at our code and I think we can try a
different approach which doesn't require monkey-patching: we're
using a CompilerSupportMixin for the build commands which has
a .prepare_compiler() method to set up the .compiler attribute
which is then used for compiling things.

We'll have to experiment with that a bit, since I'm not sure whether
this will catch all cases where distutils uses a compiler.

Alternatively, we could use monkey-patching (again :-() to
override ccompiler.new_compiler() and then apply the
fixes there.
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