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Although the text is aimed at people writing tests, I agree with starting with a new short section "0. Running all Idle tests".  The sentence already there is specific to automated unittests.  There is also a separate human-mediated test system run with "python -m idlelib.idle_test.htest" (more below).  This command should be added in this section.

Retesting, "python -m test.test_idle" on the command line no longer works for me on installed 3.4.3, Win7.  Instead I get

c:\Programs\Python34\python.exe: Error while finding spec for 'test.test_idle' (<class 'AttributeError'>: 'module' object has no attribute '__path__')

Did you get this or is does my install have a problem?  Running from the Idle editor works fine.  ">python -m test -v test_idle" fails with no output.

Onward: I do not want to indent code because I want people, including myself, to be able to cut and paste.  Some of the other edits look good at first glance.  I may have questions on some.

Something needs to be added to README about human-mediated tests, beyond the bottom-line summary in section 0.  There is a page long docstring in  I am not sure how much to move to or duplicate in README (after further editing).  Any opinion, as a naive reader?
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