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On 16.04.2015 20:21, Ned Deily wrote:
> Ned Deily added the comment:
>> No, PEP 3149 is about the Python ABI, following PEP 3147,
>> which implements this for PYC files.
>> The intent is to be able to have mutliple *Python* ABI/API versions
>> installed side-by-side, not multiple platform ABI versions :-)
> Well, for all practical purposes, the platform *is* part of the ABI :=)

Yes, but if all your files on your box share the same ABI, do you
really want to have all of them come with an extra name extension ?
I mean: If all your apples are green, would you write "green" on them to
remember ? ;-)

All Linux distributions I know place the 32-bit and 64-bit versions
of shared libs into different directories rather than putting them all
into a single dir and adding ABI flags to the .so files.
Windows does this too. FreeBSD as well.

Why should Python behave differently ? Just because we can is not
really a good answer, IMO.
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