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Author tim.peters
Date 2005-02-02.02:03:31
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rjk1002:  it's idiotic complaints about unambigous (in reality) 
if/else structures that are unique to gcc.  Not all compilers 
optimize away the "do {...} while(0)" cruft in debug builds; 
the most important examples for Python are the Microsoft 
compilers.  Because the incref and decref macros are used a 
*lot*, it's unattractive to burden all platforms with this just 
to shut up one compiler.  I don't care about Py_CLEAR() 
(etc), because they're so lightly used.  The incref/decref 
macros are ubiquitous.

I would much rather see SWIG change to insert curlies.  That 
is, generating "if (newref) {Py_DECREF(obj);}" should be just 
as effective at shutting up this gcc nag.  Has anyone asked 
the SWIG project to do this?
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