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Author rjk1002
Date 2005-01-31.16:01:10
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Py_DECREF() is missing do-while macro guards (as found
e.g. in Py_CLEAR), instead relying on being an if-else
to avoid the usual problems associated with such macros.

However if it is used as e.g. "if (newref)
Py_DECREF(obj);" then gcc -Wall still complains about
an ambiguous else clause.  (gcc version is 3.3.5)

Granted it is only a warning but like many people we
build with -Werror, and the code in question is in SWIG
output rather than our own code, so this is quite
painful for us.

At least Py_DECREF, Py_XDECREF and Py_XINCREF need
fixing; I've not checked beyond this.
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