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Date 2015-04-15.15:50:31
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> It is egregious for apps to assume that they are the only thing running

I would agree for most apps, but I tend to think of IDEs as something that is generally run full screen. I'll note that Eclipse starts maximized, while PyCharm starts windowed.

Though both will remember their state when the program is closed, and resume it the next time it starts. IDLE, however, always follows the width/height info in the config-main.def file.

I propose the following:

- Remove the "Initial Window Size" UI elements from the Configure IDLE window (Minimizing the number of choices the user must make on a config page keeps it uncluttered.)
- Keep the config-main.def file settings, but have IDLE update it on exit. The next time IDLE starts it will have its previous size.

This way if the user maximizes IDLE's window and then exits, it will start maximized the next time IDLE starts. Though I still think starting maximized as the default would be a good idea.
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