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Author irmen
Date 2005-01-31.00:58:24
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Patch 1079734 "Make use email instead of rfc822
or mimetools" seems to have broken the cgi.FieldStorage
in cases where the request is a multipart post (for
instance, when a file upload form field is used).
See the attached test program.

With revision <1.83 (python 2.4 for instance) I
get the expected results;

FieldStorage(None, None, [FieldStorage('param1', None,
'Value of param1'), FieldStorage('param2', None, 'Value
of param2'), FieldStorage('file', '', ''),
FieldStorage(None, None, '')])

but with rev 1.83 (current) I get this:

FieldStorage(None, None, [FieldStorage('param1', None,

Another thing that I observed (which isn't reproduced
by this test program) is that cgi.FieldStorage.__init__
never completes when the fp is a socket-file (and the
request is again a multipart post). It worked fine with
the old
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