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Author chaselton
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Date 2015-04-07.13:20:39
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Will do, re: removing the '+'.

Also, attempted to apply the updated patch and got the following:

/bld/python/cpython-master $ patch -p1 < issue_20306\ \(1\).patch
patching file Modules/pwdmodule.c
Possibly reversed hunk 1 at 244
Hunk 1 FAILED 79/79.
     SETS(setIndex++, p->pw_passwd);
     PyStructSequence_SET_ITEM(v, setIndex++, _PyLong_FromUid(p->pw_uid));
     PyStructSequence_SET_ITEM(v, setIndex++, _PyLong_FromGid(p->pw_gid));
     SETS(setIndex++, p->pw_gecos);
+    SETS(setIndex++, Py_None);
+    Py_INCREF(Py_None);
     SETS(setIndex++, p->pw_dir);
     SETS(setIndex++, p->pw_shell);

patching file
Hunk 56 FAILED 4944/4944.

+AC_CHECK_MEMBER([struct passwd.pw_gecos],
+          [AC_DEFINE(HAVE_PASSWD_GECOS_FIELD, 1, [Define if <pwd.h> defines field passwd.pw_gecos])],
+          [],
+          [[#include <pwd.h>]])
 # generate output files
 AC_CONFIG_FILES(Makefile.pre Modules/Setup.config Misc/python.pc Misc/
 AC_CONFIG_FILES([Modules/ld_so_aix], [chmod +x Modules/ld_so_aix])
/bld/python/cpython-master $
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