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getint, getdouble and getboolean were thin wrappers around Tcl functions that converted string result of Tcl call to specified Python type. Since 2.3 _tkinter can return not only string, but int, float, etc and Tcl_Obj (if wantobject is True). getXXX methods was updated to work with respective automatically converted types (getint with int, etc), but they don't work with general Tcl_Obj, so can't be applied to the result of _tkinter call in general case. As a workaround you should use int(str(value)) or like.

Support of Tcl_Obj in getbool was added in issue15133. Proposed patch adds support of Tcl_Obj in getint and getdouble and int in getdouble. It also restores the use of getint and getdouble in Tkinter.
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