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Date 2015-04-05.19:45:51
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On 05.04.2015 21:36, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> And you want the python-dev community to care for that broken
> situation by bearing the cost of additional maintenance and security
> risk in implementing the new configuration options?

No, I want to be able to easily disable the newly added
checks in 2.7.9+ to get systems such as these behave the
same as with 2.7.8, since without this option, people
using these system are going to be forced to stick with
buggy 2.7.8 systems.

It's rather unusual that a patch level release completely
breaks an existing setup. I understand why this was done,
but in the light of backwards compatibility, it's a huge
issue for people.

PS: Python installations in Zope systems are often custom
installs, not system installs of Python. The AIX system
I'm referencing here still has Python 2.6 as system
Python version.
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