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Author vstinner
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Date 2015-03-25.01:47:04
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> Looks as this patch makes buildbots crash.

Yep. It took me some minutes to find that the crash was caused by this issue :-p

[117/393/1] test_bigmem
Assertion failed: 0, file c:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\objects\stringlib/fastsearch.h, line 76
Fatal Python error: Aborted

Current thread 0x000010ec (most recent call first):
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\test\", line 294 in test_rfind
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\test\support\", line 1641 in wrapper
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 577 in run
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 625 in __call__
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 122 in run
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 84 in __call__
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 122 in run
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 84 in __call__
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\unittest\", line 176 in run
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\test\support\", line 1773 in _run_suite
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\test\support\", line 1807 in run_unittest
  File "C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\lib\test\", line 1252 in test_main
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