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Date 2015-03-21.19:24:05
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Le 21 mars 2015 18:05, "Serhiy Storchaka" <> a écrit :
> But an assertion itself provides less information than an exception.
Debug build is less informative than release build.

I like Antoine's idea to replace the assertion with Py_FatalError() in
debug mode.

I'm more concerned by bugs in Python itself. A fatal error/assertion should
be noticed quickly on buildbots which compile python in debug mode.

It's just fine if other people use the release mode and get an exception.

> May be add a runtime flag to control the reaction on system errors? If it
set, all raised SystemError will be converted to fatal errors.

It's already what I do when running Python test suite with pyfailmalloc. I
modify manually SystemError constructor in the C code. A flag may help, but
you have to know that many tests expect SystemError (I don't remember which

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