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First, thanks for the comments - perhaps there's hope. 

But from the viewpoint of a typical user (who does not care about what goes on in the background), some of what has been said does not match the realities of development in a corporate environment.

1 – Anyone who is working on a Windows box controlled by an overly anal-retentive IM department (i.e. no admin rights) will not be able to install Python.  Either make the “just for me” option unrestricted or remove it entirely.   Time wasted trying to install Python when it can’t be done does endear Python to new users and comes across as being rather unprofessional.  I haven’t gone to the web page lately, but as an absolute minimum the page for the “just for me” option needs to state that Admin rights are needed.
2 – Anyone forced to use Windows and is NOT a total python fanatic will NEVER go to the pain of building it.  In the corporate world - on any platform - this approach is generally unrealistic given the other tools already out there (not worth the time/effort/pain involved, especially if the boss is breathing down your neck about the project schedule).  And even if they want to, they may not be able to build/install it – no tools, as per point 1.
3 – I do not see the comments (in msg238567) “require a second MSI that is configured to not ask for administrative privileges” and “hosting twice of many files” as having much validity.   To better serve the community a better approach is to REPLACE the pointlessly restrictive “admin rights”  installer with an unrestricted version (it’s how I got Firefox on this machine) – hence only one set of files.  This set should be, as much as possible, completely independent of everything else on the system (disk space is cheap, networks are fast and the file sizes are, relatively speaking, small).

4 - I haven't yet tried the "MSI' workaround (in msg238560) so I don't know if it will work on my restricted system.  If it does, the workaround should appear on the web page.

Finally (as pure self-interest) I'd like a version compatible with Eclipse/PyDev.

I do appreciate and encourage what you guys are doing and also understand the realities of what you do.  But my viewpoint is, that to have closed this issue without properly addressing the basic problem reminds me of an ostrich with its head in the sand.
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