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Date 2015-03-20.11:44:17
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> For the record, it seems test_eintr sometimes left zombie processes in my machine where I run reference leak tests every night. I didn't investigate and just disabled the tests.
> (I'll add that that machine is hosted on an OpenVZ-based VPS, so perhaps there are issues with the old patched kernel and whatnot?)

On my Fedora 21 (on a physical PC, not virtualized), I ran "./python -m test -R 3:3: test_eintr" 3 times. After that, I didn't see any zombi Python process. If I cannot reproduce the issue, I cannot fix it. I bet that it's related to OpenVZ.

IMO this issue can be closed. It already has a long history. I prefer to open new issues. See the issue #23648 "PEP 475 meta issue" which lists all issues related to the PEP 475. I opened new issues for each module which didn't handle completly the PEP 475 yet.

By the way: great job Charles-François! I like your changeset, it works well.
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