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I know this issue is closed, but as there is no voting or plus 1, I'll add my support for allowing local installation of not just Python-3, but also Python-2.7. I'm not sure what is gained by adding this restriction, or how difficult it would be to allow users without admin rights to install official locally? Where is the source that needs to be patched?

IMO forcing Windows users with restricted rights to go to Anaconda, Enthought, or WinPython causes a fracture in the Python community, that decreases credibility for Windows users. Quoting Tim Peters from import this, "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it." not 3 or more ways. Having most new users installing Anaconda has many disadvantages:

1. Developement of an open source optimized version of NumPy (eg: using OpenBLAS) has a lower value proposition because users can just install Anaconda, which uses an unoptimized version of Intel MKL. Of course users can continue to get Christoph Gohlke's optimized MKL NumPy until he decides he doesn't want to anymore.

2. There will be two (or more) Python package indexes: PyPI, conda:binstar, binstar and pythonwheels. Do we really want Python packagers to have to upload to all of these repos? Which is the most current? etc. = less credibility for Python

3. There are/will be more than one python package installer and virtualenv tool: conda vs. pip/virtualev

Are there any repeats of this issue/feature request?
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