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Date 2015-03-19.19:57:42
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This tracker item is for a thought experiment I'm running where I can collect the thoughts and discussions in one place.  It is not an active proposal for inclusion in Python.

The idea is to greatly speed-up the language for set/dict lookups of unicode value by skipping the exact comparison when the unicode type is exact and the 64-bit hash values are known to match.

Given the siphash and hash randomization, we get a 1 in 2**64 chance of a false positive (which is better than the error rate for non-ECC DRAM itself).  

However, since the siphash isn't cryptographically secure, presumably a malicious chooser of keys could generate a false positive on-purpose.

This technique is currently used by git and mercurial which use hash values for file and version graphs without checking for an exact match (because the chance of a false positive is vanishingly rare).

The Python test suite passes as does the test suites for a number of packages I have installed.
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