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Date 2015-03-19.13:22:10
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Agreed, the test is sufficient documentation. However, I can't make the test fail here (Windows 7, Python 3.4.3):

b'spam\n' b'spam\n'
b'eggs\n' b'eggs\n'
b'beans\n' b'beans\n'
import tempfile

def test_iter():
    # getting iterator from a temporary file should keep it alive
    # as long as it's being iterated over
    lines = [b'spam\n', b'eggs\n', b'beans\n']
    def make_file():
        f = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w+b')
        return iter(f)
    for i, l in enumerate(make_file()):
        print(l, lines[i])


Is it somehow OS-specific?

Regardless, the patch seems fine and I have no problem with it being applied.
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