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Author davin
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Date 2015-03-18.15:31:50
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To provide supporting information, using the i386 release of FreeBSD 10.1:

* ctypes fails to build with the latest from Python 2.7 branch with the message:

    build/temp.freebsd-10.1-RELEASE-i386-2.7-pydebug/usr/home/davin/pycoredev/cpython/Modules/_ctypes/libffi/src/x86/ffi.o: In function `ffi_prep_closure_loc':
    /usr/home/davin/pycoredev/cpython/Modules/_ctypes/libffi/src/x86/ffi.c:677: undefined reference to `ffi_closure_FASTCALL'
    /usr/home/davin/pycoredev/cpython/Modules/_ctypes/libffi/src/x86/ffi.c:683: undefined reference to `ffi_closure_THISCALL'
    /usr/home/davin/pycoredev/cpython/Modules/_ctypes/libffi/src/x86/ffi.c:689: undefined reference to `ffi_closure_STDCALL'
    /usr/bin/ld: build/lib.freebsd-10.1-RELEASE-i386-2.7-pydebug/ hidden symbol `ffi_closure_FASTCALL' isn't defined
    /usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output
    cc: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
    Failed to build these modules:

* Note that the above failure message was described in issue22521 by @Danya.Alexeyevsky

* ctypes also fails to build with the latest from default/3.5 branch with the very same message

Apparently the compilation failure messages differ between FreeBSD 8.3 and 10.1 (both i386).
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