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Author Ignacio Rossi
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Date 2015-03-14.04:19:32
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The problem only affects autospecced functions.

Apparently, the problem lies here (all code excerpts from Lib/unittest/

- When autospeccing functions, the Mock._mock_delegate field is populated at the end of _setup_func (and its the only place I found where the delegate is set):

197 def _setup_func(funcopy, mock):
237     mock._mock_delegate = funcopy

- Mock.side_effect is a property, and proxies the get/set to _mock_delegate when it exists, and on the way out does not detect the exception and tries to make an _IterMock out of it and everything explodes.

 504     def __get_side_effect(self):
 505         delegated = self._mock_delegate
 506         if delegated is None:
 507             return self._mock_side_effect
 508         sf = delegated.side_effect
 509         if sf is not None and not callable(sf) and not isinstance(sf, _MockIter):
 510             sf = _MockIter(sf)

I've attached a patch which adds a test for this use case, and a proposed fix. Hope it helps :)
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