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Date 2015-03-14.03:41:06
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On Mar 06 2015, Martin Panter <> wrote:
> Still to do: Need to find a better home for the _DecompressReader and
> _BaseStream classes. Currently it lives in “lzma”, but apparently it
> is possible for any of the gzip, bz2, lzma modules to not be
> importable, so it would have to live elsewhere.


> Possible options are
> the io module, or a brand new internal module
> (e.g. Lib/ Thoughts?

I think a new internal module would be the right choice, but I don't
know what needs to be done to properly add it to the build system. So
for now I'd just put it in the io module and wait for a core committer
to complain :-).

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