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Date 2015-03-11.09:18:56
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This patch is a huge improvement over the current situation, which is we don't have a cross-platform curses implementation in the standard library.

The alternatives listed by Mark aren't sufficient. For the two reasons given below:

- The implementation at does not support unicode characters, which is a big limitation in today's general computing tasks.

- The UniCurses module isn't compatible with the curses standard lib implementation since it wraps curses/pdcurses and does not provide python own wrappers like the ability of addstr to accept encoded byte strings. This essentially makes UniCurses a 3rd-party library requirements regardless of the operating system, which is always nice to have but does not help the batteries included principles behind python standard library.

Please implement this patch ASAP. It's been many years since it was made available. It works, it passes all tests and we all benefit if we close this python cross-compatibility issue.
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