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Date 2015-03-06.18:48:56
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Please keep in mind that this issue should only be encountered by people using Python 3.x on a platform like Hurd (an unsupported platform) that has no working sem_open implementation.  If we try to imagine what Python 3.x users should expect, it's that they should see consistent behavior when importing or trying to use various pieces of multiprocessing on such an incomplete system.  Or we should imagine Python 2.x users attempting to adopt Python 3.x and choosing to do so on such an incomplete system -- again, consistency is to be expected or at least desperately wished for.  It is reasonable to believe that it is the exception that people like Ole have even seen this behavior and their reaction is that of a request for consistency.  This is worth fixing.

Adding the "from .synchronize import SEM_VALUE_MAX as maxsize" as was suggested would indeed trigger the ImportError but it would also trigger this ImportError immediately upon simply doing an "import multiprocessing" which is not the current behavior on systems like Hurd.  This would effectively cut off those Python 3.x users from other functionality in multiprocessing which does not depend upon a working sem_open implementation.

It'd make for a nice, tidy solution, that "from .synchronize ..." -- but I wasn't prepared to alter other expected behaviors.  Hence the earlier comment about, "I believe a less-than-simple refactoring is required to get both execution paths to encounter the same exception".

If we don't do this for Hurd users (they need love too), we should do it for users like Ole who sometimes find themselves working on a cool package like astropy on a system like Hurd.
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