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Date 2015-03-03.16:56:12
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Initially reported on the requests bug list at

In cases when a remote web server sends a non-chunked response that does not have a content length, it is possible to get http.client to hang on a read. To hit it requires a specific set of circumstances:

- Python 3 (this bug is not seen on Python 2 in my testing)
- HTTPS (using plaintext HTTP resolves the problem)
- A socket timeout must be set (leaving it unset, i.e. leaving the socket in blocking mode, resolves this problem)
- The server must not send a content-length or set Transfer-Coding: chunked.
- The reads must not be an even divisor of the content's length.
- The timeout must be longer than the time the server is willing to keep the connection open (otherwise an exception is thrown).

The following code can be used as a sample to demonstrate the bug:

import http.client
import time

def test(connection_class=http.client.HTTPSConnection, timeout=10, read_size=7):
    start = time.time()
    c = connection_class('')
    if timeout is not None:
    c.request('GET', '/test')
    r = c.getresponse()
    while True:
        data =
        if not data:
    print('Finished in {}'.format(time.time() - start))

Below are the results from several different runs:

test(): Finished in 4.8294830322265625
test(connection_class=http.client.HTTPConnection): Finished in 0.3060309886932373
test(timeout=None): Finished in 0.6070599555969238
test(read_size=2): Finished in 0.6600658893585205

As you can see, only this particular set of features causes the bug. Note that if you change the URL to one that does return a Content-Length (e.g., this bug also goes away.

This is a really weird edge case bug. There's some extensive investigation over at the requests bug report, but I've not been able to convincingly point at the problem yet.
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