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Date 2015-02-28.01:24:42
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> Also, I think OPTIONS should be removed from the list of methods that enforce a Content-Length. I wouldn’t normally expect any payload for OPTIONS, since RFC 7231 explicitly says it does not define a use for a payload, but requires a Content-Type if a payload is sent.

I think Martin's right about this and it's consistent with my concern about servers treating the existence of a Content-Length header as an indicator of a request body.

In any event, with the new logic, a Content-Length header will be added if the body is not None.

> I've just put the logic inside _set_content_length

Fair enough. It /does/ encapsulate all logic around setting the content length within the method.

I've left a couple minor comments in Rietveld. In addition to what's there, docs should also be updated to reflect the new behaviour.

Thanks for the work on this!
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