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> Oddly, memoryview accepts keyword arguments (for its one required value), and the name of the argument is "object", not "obj".

Positional parameters can also be treated as named arguments.

> I think it's plain daft having "object" as a keyword argument.

True, it's not best practice to override builtins with parameter names. In this case because memoryview is implemented in C, it doesn't suffer the same consequences as a Python implementation can. However at the very least, I do agree that it does seem a little odd from a user's standpoint. Also, the docs currently use "obj" rather than "object":

I've attached a patch that just changes the name of the parameter. Scanning through Github (primarily numpy and scipy), I wasn't able to find anyone making use of the parameter name.

As this does break backwards compatibility and is more of a cosmetic enhancement than a bug, it should only go into 3.5+.

The other option here, other than to just leave it as is, is to simply use Py_ParseTuple rather than PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords, but I'm not sure what the general consensus is on that (it seems to me that the preferred approach is the latter).
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