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Date 2015-02-26.05:54:15
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(Now that VS 2015 CTP 6 is public, here's the second half of #23314.)

In posixmodule.c is a big section with the following comment:

/* Microsoft CRT in VS2005 and higher will verify that a filehandle is
 * valid and raise an assertion if it isn't.
 * Normally, an invalid fd is likely to be a C program error and therefore
 * an assertion can be useful, but it does contradict the POSIX standard
 * which for write(2) states:
 *    "Otherwise, -1 shall be returned and errno set to indicate the error."
 *    "[EBADF] The fildes argument is not a valid file descriptor open for
 *     writing."
 * The structures below must be updated for each version of visual studio
 * according to the file internal.h in the CRT source, until MS comes
 * up with a less hacky way to do this.
 * (all of this is to avoid globally modifying the CRT behaviour using
 * _set_invalid_parameter_handler() and _CrtSetReportMode())

We now have the less hacky way to avoid globally modifying the IPH, which is a new _set_thread_local_invalid_parameter_handler() function. (#23314 has hopefully already dealt with _CrtSetReportMode().)

The attached patch adds new macros within posixmodule.c to handle VS 2015 builds and use the new function. I have left the old code there as a transitional measure while people migrate to the new compiler, but also have no plans to remove it.

The new macros _Py_BEGIN_SUPPRESS_IPH and _Py_END_SUPPRESS_IPH should surround any code that may trigger the invalid parameter handler. The _Py_VERIFY_FD macro calls the _PyVerify_fd function when necessary - when the IPH can be suppressed, this should be a no-op, and when the IPH cannot be suppressed it must be a useful/safe check.

The _PyVerify_fd function remains defined in all cases, but when it's possible to safely call into the CRT to validate the handle we now do that instead of the old approach.

The only visible change should be that in debug builds you will see assertion dialogs if an invalid FD is encountered, which can be safely ignored. The test suite disables these dialogs already, so buildbots should be unaffected. Prior discussions (#3545 and #4804) have decided that it's important to leave these dialogs enabled for debug builds, and there is no way (and won't be any way) to disable these on a per-thread basis.
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