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OK, firstly you'll have to excuse me, a mere sporadic Python user, for not having a clear idea about how Python development is structured. I can't tell how to label this bug report because I don't know where pip comes from: as far as I knew this is a bug in something called urllib3, which seemed to me that was related to Python itself, or maybe in the way pip is calling it, and I assumed pip was part of the Python project too. I couldn't really tell what it is that you call Extension Modules, or whether this urllib3 thing is part of what you call the "Library (Lib)" component. I didn't want to have to research in depth how this project is developed just to report what seems to be a glaring bug, at least from a user's viewpoint. I could've just dropped this thing but I thought Python would be better served by a bug report, however misdirected. I hope that you can relabel this bug accordingly to its relevant component so that this bug gets attention from the relevant team. Thank you for mentioning issue 23328, which did not come up in a search I did previous to filing my report: it does seem quite related. And that issue is marked as "Library (Lib)" and nobody complained about it so maybe this issue should be marked like that too. Please somebody who knows what's the best way to move this forward relabel it as necessary.

Now, I understand the argument for not allowing unencoded passwords, but as I mentioned in the last line of my report, I did also try urlencoding it and got the exact same error message. Should pip not allow the use of authenticated proxies at all?  I don't think that would be the best option.
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