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Author gregory.p.smith
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Date 2015-02-24.08:56:18
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The changes from caused subprocess.getstatusoutput() to start returning a subprocess returncode style status for the child process instead of a POSIX style status.

before that bug's changes:

>>> getstatusoutput("exit 1")[0]
>>> getstatusoutput("kill -TERM $$")[0]

after that bug's changes:

>>> getstatusoutput("exit 1")[0]
>>> getstatusoutput("kill -TERM $$")[0]

This behavior was entirely untested so it was missed when fixing issue10197.

Given the new behavior has shipped in a stable Python release starting with (I believe) 3.3.4 and all 3.4 releases I do not think it should be changed.

But we should document it with proper versionchanged notices.
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