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Date 2015-02-23.14:38:36
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It's not convinient to have patches in a tarball. Please at least open patches one by one, or better: open one issue per patch. You should group similar changes in a single patch: for example all changes related to wcstombs().

You should explain each change.

For example, the following change (os.patch) looks like a bug. You cannot simply rename a function. It completly breaks backward compatibility.

-.. function :: get_shell()
+.. function :: get_shell_executable()


-        timeout = (int)ceill(dtimeout * 1000.0);
+        timeout = (int)ceil(dtimeout * 1000.0);

I don't understand where ceill() does come from. I cannot find it in the current source code. Maybe the patch was produced in the wrong direction?

patch.diff: please generate unified patches. Your format is ugly, I cannot read it. And the bug tracker failed to create a "review" button.

It's hard to follow instructions to apply patches. Maybe you should use a Mercurial repository, which include all changes?
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