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Date 2015-02-16.17:44:54
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> Maybe join them with tabs rather than spaces then, since it was previously "\r\n\t". This way it is even closer to before.

After thinking about this a little more, I think I'd prefer to keep
spaces rather than tabs. The reason being is that, in my mind, now that
continuations have been made obsolete it's more natural to do something
like this:

putheader('Authorization', 'Bearer', 'my_token')


putheader('Authorization', 'Bearer my_token')

I realize it's a semantic change from previous behavior, but it seems to
me to be preferable given the latest RFCs. I'd think that at some point
in the future, we'd want to remove \x20 from the valid header value
range to entirely conform to the spec. This is the first step in
allowing for graceful deprecation.
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