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Date 2015-02-12.17:24:39
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I tried the following on python 3.5.0a1:
__all__ = ['second', 'first']
print('i\'m starting the directory')
print('hi, i\'m the first')
from . import second
print('hi, i\'m the second')
from . import first

>>> import a.first
i'm starting the directory
hi, i'm the first
hi, i'm the second

it just worked out perfectly, no errors.
But the case I show before still continues to get the AttributeError error.
You told me that basically it doesn't work because it is a circular import, but isn't python already able to manage circular import?
What I expected when running the "from . import *" statament was Python looking up in the __all__ attribute and import everything within it. When it had to import 'first' I expected Python to check in the sys.modules to see if it was already imported so, in this case, it could see that was already imported and no error was raised.
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