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>> When I compile and run the above (latest Cython from Git master), I
>> get:
>>     ()
>>     ()
> With Cython version 0.20.1post0 I get:
> >>>
> (-1,)
> (-1,)
> If you get the correct output from the latest Cython, it looks like
> this issue has been fixed.

Oops, I was running a locally modified version of Cython that contained a patch meant to work around issue #23349.

When I run the *actual* upstream master I get the same behavior that you do.

But either way, I don't see why it's a problem that it prints (-1,) for the PyBUF_ND case.  The consumer didn't request suboffsets information so I would expect it to be OK for the producer to put whatever it wants in the suboffsets field, including a junk pointer that would segfault upon dereference.
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